Fleet Tire Service OSHA Compliance Training Program
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According to the Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) Regulation 29 CFR 1910.177, any employee that handles truck tires and wheels must receive safety training and demonstrate their ability to perform the necessary tasks. The Basic Commercial Tire Service (CTS) Training and Certificate Program is designed to meet the minimum federal training requirements for both new hires and experienced employees in need of documented training.

The Fleet OSHA Compliance Program includes 12 Modules and comes with a DVD, Instructor's Guide (lesson plans), 1 Student Workbook and 1 Final Exam Book. Additional Workbooks and Exams can be ordered for technicians in need of training.
  • Module 1 Safety Includes personal protective equipment, lifting safety, and other topics like heat stroke and frostbite prevention.
  • Module 2 Basic Tire Info Covers tire construction, sizing, nomenclature, inflation pressure, tread design and compound for different applications, speed rating and all special service ratings and identification.
  • Module 3 Rims and Wheels Outlines the difference between rims and wheels including the nomenclature for both assemblies. It will also identify and address the different type of hub and drum assemblies for commercial vehicles.
  • Module 4 OSHA Regulations The video includes the script for the OSHA Reg 29 CFR 1910.177 with images supporting the wording. The Workbook also includes the OSHA Demount/Mount and Rim Matching Charts.
  • Module 5 Jacking and Lifting Outlines procedures for properly jacking, lifting and supporting trucks, tractors and trailers. It focuses on jack and jack stand identification adn operation as well as proper position of each when lifting one, two or three axles.
  • Module 6 Torque An in-depth look at the relationship between torque and clamping force when installing wheels and rims.
  • Module 7 Wheel End Safety Addresses wheel end fires, commercial vehicle inspection, wheel-off prevention and wheel end maintenance.
  • Module 8 Hub-Pilot Wheels Puts the basic principles of the previous two modules to work with hub-pilot wheel removal as well as inspection and installation guidelines.
  • Module 9 Stud-Pilot Wheels Focuses on stud-pilot wheel removal, inspection and installation.
  • Module 10 Demountable Rims Addresses demountable rim removal, inspection and installation.
  • Module 11 Single-Piece Dedicated to single-piece demount, mount and inflation procedures with an increased emphasis on disc wheel inspection, valve stem installation (including torque) and concentric bead seating techniques.
  • Module 12 Multi-Piece Covers the basics for demounting, mounting and inflated 2- and 3-piece assemblies.
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