Advanced TPMS Training Program
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This program focuses on the manufacturer-specific requirements for the most popular domestic and import vehicle/sensor manufacturers. This program is designed to give the experienced technician more in-depth information regarding the identification, maintenance, reprogramming, and diagnostic procedures for all tire pressure monitoring systems.

Advanced TPMS is comprised of four modules:
  • Module 1 TPMS Identification - focuses on identifying different types of TPMS and how to differentiate between a low tire indicator and a malfunction indicator.
  • Module 2 TPMS Service Requirements - demonstrates how to identify the proper service pack for the sensor as well as the installation procedures for all types of sensors.
  • Module 3 TPMS Relearn Procedures - uses the TPMS Relearn Chart and common electronic relearn tools to explain the relearn requirements for the most popular domestic and import vehicles.
  • Module 4 TPMS Diagnostics - covers the necessary steps to identify and correct a malfunction with common electronic tools.

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